On this page you will find some applications coded in Delphi. These applications were written by me for me, but I think that some of them could be useful for others too. Some of them are old, and comes from times when I was younger, so don't expect so complex things (actually sometimes they're very lame, so don't laugh at me, everybody needs to learn) I include the sourcecodes too, so if you can code in Delphi Pascal or you want to learn from these you can download them, however if you make some changes / improvements to them please send them to me, and I'll put it to the site, so maybe there won't be a chaos about versions. Of course your name will be recorded to "THE LIST OF THE BIG ONE's"

For some codes you need components to build. These components are the JEDI components, the rest of the needed components are included.

Some portions of these codes are from different programmers (their names are listed on this site, or will be if I have some time) If you find something that violates some license please contact me.

If you have some comment, suggestion or you wish to thank something about these apps or site, you can mail me at pinterpetigmailcom (no spam PLZ).

The files are compressed with 7-Zip (It can be also extracted by WinRAR)

Finally: I can't guarrantee anything, if these programs make troubles, I can't take any responsibility. Always backup your files if you use these programs on them!