This program was designed for Ant Movie Catalog The purpose of this app is to import more than one file into the catalog because AMC doesn't support it yet.

It writes avi information to a csv file.

The parameters: MvList.exe <filename.csv> [directory] [media label] [container]

filename.csv: required parameter
directory: not required parameter (the program assumes that it should scan the current directory)
media label: not required parameter (the program leaves this field empty, if not given) warning: I recommend not to use <space> and " characters
examples: The program scans the subdirectories too.

The data in the csv is listed this way (of course the header is not included in the file it is here, because of understanding how to import the file to AMC):

Original Title Translated Title Subtitles File Size Video Format Video Resolution Framerate Video BitRate Audio Format Audio BitRate Media Label Media Type Container
SomeThing Translated ST Subbed 90 1,400,00 DIVX 640x360 23,976 1500 AC3 448 MOVIE_0002 DVD purple_01

Original Title is based on the filename (it assumes that your filename is in this format:
OriginalMovieTitle.avi or OriginalMovieTitle.xvid or OriginalMovieTitle.divx)

Translated Title comes from a descript.ion file (This file is a DOS text file which has the following format:

filename.ext some description about this file
"long filename.extension" some description about this file

This kind of file can be created by FAR Manager or Total Commander using a short cut key: CTRL+Z note that if you use Total Commander to create descriptions you must set it up to make descript.ion files with DOS characters. See TotalCommander help for further information.If you don't have descript.ion file the 'translated title' field will be the same as 'original title' field.

Subtitles field can be Subbed or Dubbed. The program checks for .srt and .sub files with the same name as the movie files and if it founds it means that the file has a subtitle. If such file does not exists then it assumes that the movie is dubbed.

Media Type can be CD, DVD, HDD its based on that disc's type which you are creating the csv from If its an optical drive, it checkes if it's size is smaller than 703MB if it is then we assume that it's a CD if it's larger than 703MB and is optical drive then we assume it is a DVD.

Container: if you have several discs in large CD or DVD cases you can enter its name here (for example purple_01)

The rest of the fields: the program reads directly from the files. I think they are obvious.


MvList (2006-07-04) (compiled version, archived)
MvList (2005-07-04) (source code)